There is so much parenting advice out there…

but it all seems written by someone who isn’t really raising real kids in the real world. It’s confusing and insulting.

Then there’s Real Simple Mama, the one who’s trying to get her toddler to quit eating banana peels at the store while her son is belting out some song about poop at the top of his lungs.

Instant connection? You’re damn right.

Hi!  I’m Sarah, the RealSimpleMama.  I enjoy dark chocolate, cooking, being in the sunshine, fresh breath, and laughter. I’m a thirty-something mama of 2, born and raised in Texas. I married my best friend (and got the better end of the deal) and was a music educator for nine years. Yep, marching band and recorders… #thuglife.

Once my first child was born, my priorities made an unexpected shift. Suddenly all those goals I’d worked so hard to achieve in the field of education… Things I’d been striving for since high school and college… They just faded. I was desperate to be able to stay home and raise my own child, and I no longer cared about climbing up the ladder in the professional world. (Oh the irony of paying strangers to care for my child, when I got paid to care for strangers’ kids…).

The love we feel when we first become parents is unreal.

But you know that; that’s probably how you found me in the first place.

Breast Milk Jewelry - Real Simple Mama

I really had no choice, so I did the stereotypical “pumping working mom” thing until I got pregnant again in January 2015!  I was thrilled, but terrified to leave another baby at daycare. I did some soul searching, and made some decisions; in summer 2015, hubby and I decided to do a spring cleaning of our lives and downsize to the bare necessities. We sold the new home we’d built, got rid of half our belongings, and I quit my job!

Now you see me as an ecstatic mama who gets to be home with her littles, and never misses a smile … much less a milestone. 

I’m right where I want to be. 

Since my first pregnancy I’ve really wanted to help new parents with all of the questions we couldn’t find answers to. We had Google and an apathetic OB, and that was it.

I’ve also gravitated more towards attachment parenting. As I followed my heart and my instincts, the more my love and respect grew for AP, which encourages parents to listen to their child and learn about their development, instead of fitting their kids into a (metaphorical) box and disciplining the crap out of them.

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But how to go back to my “teacher” roots and satisfy my urge to help others when it comes to parenting topics?

Cue the RealSimpleMama blog, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon author page, and YouTube channel – handling confusing and intimidating parenting topics one at a time. This is the stuff I wish I could’ve found as a new mama. 

Real, simple AP solutions with a straightforward, slightly sarcastic, speak-from-experience standpoint. Because us new mamas and papas gotta help each other stay strong against the baby poop of ignorance.

And it’s as easy as signing up for my monthly RSM newsletter! It’s quick and to-the-point (because no parent has time to sit with a hot cup of coffee and read much anyway) and will keep you in the loop about everything going on with RSM!

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yep. this is a mother’s love.