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How to Protect My Child From the World: Part Four in a Series of Letters Between Mom Friends

Good morning my dear readers. Today marks the final component in my “Series of Letters Between Mom Friends” segment with the brilliant and honest Marie of Create Balance. We’ve been going back and forth all month discussing some pretty heavy shit, in regards to parenting a child in our society and our world. Please see her eloquent response below in regards to how to protect my child from the world, and some fantastic parenting advice in general. Continue reading

My Least Favorite Parenting Advice

If you’re a parent, you know that people can sometimes tell you things which are not helpful at all (and instead, drive you crazy or stress you out). My great friend Marie, who helps parents over at Create Balanced Life, has some words of wisdom on this. Here’s what she has to say about that one annoying thing people tell new parents – her least parenting advice – and what to think about instead. Continue reading

Simple Beauty for Real Moms

 Written by Morgan, the mama behind MotherhoodbyMorgan – someone way more fashionable and good looking than I will ever be.

If you’re like me, there are weeks where you go days without a shower. Your yoga pants have pea puree, or maybe poop, all over them. Your messy bun is just messy without any sense of style. We all have those days, those weeks, and those months.

Honestly, the first month or so after giving birth, I wasn’t concerned with this at all. I was a brand new mom, and those postpartum hormones didn’t necessarily work well for my mood, but my skin was absolutely glowing. Fast forward a few months and add going back to work with breastfeeding cravings that had me scarfing down six donuts in one sitting, and my appearance started to take a nosedive, as did my confidence.

After some trial and error, I think I’ve settled on a few key things that I do to keep myself not just looking better, but feeling better about the way I look. Now, I’m going to share those things with you! Continue reading

Attachment Parenting for the Working Mom

I’m so excited to have Marie Levey-Pabst write the first guest post on Real Simple Mama! Marie helps families on a regular basis with her business, Create Balance. She’s an AP mom and an ex-teacher just like me! We both feel for the working mom who wants to live an attachment parenting lifestyle. Here are Marie’s words of wisdom.

From Marie Levey-Pabst (of Create Balance: Continue reading

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