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The “Homestead” category was created in spring 2017 when our family first started volunteering at a farm not too far from our house. We meant to get our kids some exposure to farm animals and learn skills about responsibility and selflessness; we did not anticipate falling in love with a simple, down-to-earth lifestyle!

Now we have added some backyard chickens, affectionately named “The Feathered Six”, and we daydream of having a small homestead. Our chickens bring love and laughter to our little home, and already I see a change in the hearts of my children. (There is a massive learning curve to these little chicks, so I plan to write all about it as we go along.)

Honestly, I don’t see us ever having the money to abandon grocery stores and Target to go live off of the land on a real compound somewhere. And that’s ok, because little by little we will make our place into a “homestead in the city.” Right now our little home in the suburbs may have to do, but our family is really a homestead family at heart!

Cheap and Easy Hacks for Backyard Chickens

Aren’t backyard chickens the greatest? They’re funny, adorable, and they poop breakfast! We love our feathered girls and have learned some tricks to care for them more efficiently. Read on for my list of cheap and easy hacks for backyard chickens! Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Have Backyard Chickens?

I’m quickly becoming a huge advocate for backyard chickens. They’re an amazing pet to have, especially if you have children! We love our feathered girls and my kids enjoy taking care of them. But I think the biggest misconception around getting chickens is how much money it takes to get ready for chickens, and then how expensive they are to take care of. So I thought I’d dispel the misinformation and tell my readers: how much does it cost to have backyard chickens? Really? Continue reading

Common Terms with Backyard Chickens

Backyard chickens are a hilarious, endearing addition to your family. We love our girls, but we’re still learning lots about them! And when doing our research, we came upon lots of words we didn’t know. So here’s a quick reference guide of some common terms with backyard chickens. Read through this so you are in the know! Continue reading

Review: Innovation Pet Deluxe Chicken Coop

We are new to the world of backyard chickens, and we’re loving it! The single biggest expense we had to research, however, was the chicken coop. Now that our girls are living outside full-time, I wanted to give you an honest review of our chicken coop kit: the good, the bad, and some tricks to help you love it as much as we do! This is my review of the Innovation Pet Deluxe Chicken Coop, complete with a video tour at the end! Continue reading

The Five Biggest Myths About Backyard Chickens

We got chickens in April 2017 after doing a few months of research; true to our nature, my husband and I scoured the internet and learned all about everything from care to supplies to breeds. But, like many things in life, there are some things which can’t be taught except by experience. Here are the five biggest myths about backyard chickens: take it from us! Continue reading

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