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The “Homestead” category was created in spring 2017 when our family first started volunteering at a farm not too far from our house. We meant to get our kids some exposure to farm animals and learn skills about responsibility and selflessness; we did not anticipate falling in love with a simple, down-to-earth lifestyle!

Now we have added some backyard chickens, affectionately named “The Feathered Six”, and we daydream of having a small homestead. Our chickens bring love and laughter to our little home, and already I see a change in the hearts of my children. (There is a massive learning curve to these little chicks, so I plan to write all about it as we go along.)

Honestly, I don’t see us ever having the money to abandon grocery stores and Target to go live off of the land on a real compound somewhere. And that’s ok, because little by little we will make our place into a “homestead in the city.” Right now our little home in the suburbs may have to do, but our family is really a homestead family at heart!

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