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Articles here have an emphasis on the care and lifestyle during pregnancy.

Congratulations! Growing a baby is one of the most confusing and terrifyingly beautiful things you could ever do. You experience the strongest love a person can ever feel, without ever having seeing your child’s face. But pregnancy is a difficult road to travel, and even surrounded by loved ones it can feel as if you’re walking it alone.

You have so many decisions to make during pregnancy, and you may not know where to start. With Real Simple Mama, I wanted to create a haven for families expecting a baby, in the hopes that they could find everything they need. I aim to answer all types of questions, so that new and expectant parents can find peace of mind (and peace of heart).

Here you can find articles on everything from how to aid morning sickness, to how to prepare for a new baby, to planning an educated birth. I also have many reviews, but don’t worry: I only tell you about products I believe in. No sellouts here. My emphasis is on education and support – no judgment, no matter what decisions you choose.

So put your feet up, relax, and read on Mama. I’m here to help.

Common Abbreviations in Parenting

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you will probably come across at least some of these common abbreviations.  I’ve compiled this list to hopefully save you some confusion! Continue reading

Music In the Womb

You may have heard about some parents-to-be playing music for their unborn baby, and might even have thought about trying it yourself.  Sarah and I have done some research and talked to some parents who’ve tried this. There seem to be mixed feelings on this topic…

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An Educated Birth: My Hope For You

I’ve had two kids, and two very different birth experiences. Looking back on my first child’s birth, I’m haunted by so many things I wish I had known. I knew I wanted a more fulfilling, enjoyable, rewarding experience with my daughter, and her birth gave me back the power and control I knew I deserved.

My hope for all women who are pregnant is that they be informed, educated and directly involved in all decisions related to their pregnancy and childbirth. The mom deserves it, and so does her child.
Note that I’m not a medical professional, just a wannabe midwife who has a passion for educating women about their options.
Let’s begin.

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Bath Products for Morning Sickness

As I dealt with morning sickness in my first trimester, I became super sensitive to smells.  Due to hormone craziness, my skin and hair also changed and became very dry.  Unfortunately these changes with my body also involved most of my bath products, so I had to force myself to pick new ones! (And sniffing tons of shampoos and body washes at the store when you are nauseous is not fun).

Here’s my list of products which are safe, effective, and not stinky.  Feel free to comment your opinions and suggestions.  I hope that this helps you as you go through this pregnancy!

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My First Labor Story

Well here it is – how I brought our son into the world in 2013.  This was my first experience with childbirth, and a lot of things did not go the way I wanted.

I want to write this article so that you can know what happened to me, and because I might teach you a thing or two before you head into Labor and Delivery, too.
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The Big Decision: Baby Names

One of the most exciting – and unexpectedly stressful – components about parenthood is picking out the name for your child.  It can be extremely exciting and fun to talk with your significant other about all the options, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you make that list.  Here are our suggestions for baby-naming… Continue reading

Lifestyle Changes for Expectant Moms

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for years, or your pregnancy is a bit of a surprise, there are certainly lifestyle changes which need to take place as soon as you find out that you’re expecting.  Some are fairly obvious – I’m sure most of us know that alcohol is very dangerous, for example – but some were less obvious for me.

Please read over these checklists carefully and start making the necessary adjustments, and remember that all of this is for the good of your baby, even if it’s inconvenient or different for you. Continue reading

How We Can Be Involved As Dads

Written by The Daddy before our first child was born in 2013…

Being the father of a baby that isn’t here yet can feel like you’re sitting on the sideline of the most important game of your life. But just because she’s the one doing all the work in actually carrying your future son or daughter, that doesn’t mean your involvement is not important. Sarah is now in her third trimester and I feel more needed than ever. There are so many things that we can do as husbands that will be much appreciated. Continue reading

Quick Reference Calendar for Pregnancy

On the forums I frequent, there are always new moms asking “If I’m x weeks pregnant, how many months am I?” or “What trimester is x weeks?”  Here is the tried-and-true reference calendar I use.  🙂

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