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Parents need reviews. Honest, quality reviews which are unbiased and built on experience and research. Throw in some great photos and references, and you’re good to go!

Real Simple Mama takes pride in not being a “sellout”: what I mean is, I’m really particular when it comes to working with brands. I refuse almost every offer I receive in regards to free gear and gimmicks in exchange for reviews and exposure, because I don’t ever want to be pressured to be dishonest with my readers.

I include reviews from all aspects of parenting, consisting of: diapers and diaper gear, breastfeeding and pumping supplies, babywearing carriers and accessories, baby safety gear, baby led weaning and feeding products, toys and books, furniture and equipment, and even products for parents!

So rest assured, all reviews on Real Simple Mama are unbiased and fair. I’ll always give you lots of photos, what I like the best and what I don’t like about every product, and other suggestions that I have. Because if you’re like me, you want to read a review from someone who doesn’t have a ton of money to waste on crap that’s not quality, nor do you want to take someone’s advice when they’re being paid by the company they’re reviewing!

I am proud to help you find the products which will help you and your family.

If you’d like to see me do a review on something specific, feel free to contact me!

The Ultimate Digital Thermometer Comparison Review

No one likes to have a sick kid. There’s of course the fact that your child doesn’t feel well, but then there’s also the stress of what to do: do you go to the doctor straightaway, call and see what Doc suggests, or try to wait it out at home? One of the main variables that parents use to make this decision is to get their child’s temperature. And an accurate reading is absolutely essential when speaking to your medical professional; that’s the first thing that our pediatrician wants to know! We have had such bad luck with thermometer after thermometer – and we’ve accumulated quite a few over the years! – that it only made sense to do a comparison of all our thermometers. Look for photos, manufacturer information, and a demonstration video at the end of the article which goes through all of them and how they’re used! This is the official Real Simple Mama Ultimate Thermometer Comparison Review. Continue reading

The Best Christmas Music You Don’t Have

It’s the mooost wonderful time of the year! I absolutely adore the Christmas season. It’s like our world gets a bit more grace as it patiently waits for December 25. And of course, as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are done, I bust out my trusty Christmas playlist and start blasting all of my holiday favorites! Since it is Christmas after all, I thought to tell you about my favorite – and most unusual – musical selections. Read on for the best Christmas music you don’t have. Continue reading

Review: Radio Flyer All-Terrain Stroll N Trike, and My First Scooter Sport

In this combo review article, my kids and I show-and-tell you all about two different Radio Flyer products: the All-Terrain Stroll N Trike, and the My First Scooter Sport. We’ve got lots of pictures and a bonus video to show you the good, the bad, and the honest about these two Radio Flyer toys! Continue reading

Review: Brush-Baby

Your kids have got to brush their teeth. Like, every day. (I know, right?) But if I’m being honest with my readers – and I’m always honest – it’s one of the daily chores that I haaate. So when Brush-Baby UK asked if I’d review a few of their genius products, I practically screamed “Yes please just help me!”

Here’s my review of an assortment of Brush-Baby products. (Spoiler alert: we’re in love, and you will be too.) Continue reading

Review: Coding For Kids App by Kidlo

I am honored to bring you another app by Kidlo and this one is a fantastic idea! My son loves coding so this game is right up his alley. Stay tuned for our honest review of Kidlo’s Coding for Kids app, plus screen shots and a demo video! Continue reading

What is a Balance Bike?

Our son had no interest in learning how to pedal a bike. We tried to encourage him but he just didn’t care! So when we heard about the concept of a balance bike, we wondered if it might be a better fit for him than a traditional bicycle. Read on for information about the pros and cons of a balance bike, plus photos and a demo video with Kiddo and I! Continue reading

What’s In Our Playroom?: Fall 2017 Edition

School is starting and we are doing our first “Playroom Tour!” Check out what we actually have in our playroom – these are the toys which have passed our safety and quality tests, and have passed the kids’ own tests as well. There are photos and a video tour, as well as item names and descriptions. Come see what’s in our playroom! Continue reading

Review: Innovation Pet Deluxe Chicken Coop

We are new to the world of backyard chickens, and we’re loving it! The single biggest expense we had to research, however, was the chicken coop. Now that our girls are living outside full-time, I wanted to give you an honest review of our chicken coop kit: the good, the bad, and some tricks to help you love it as much as we do! This is my review of the Innovation Pet Deluxe Chicken Coop, complete with a video tour at the end! Continue reading

A Bedsharing Mom’s Review of the Sleep Number Bed

We recently purchased the Sleep Number cSe for our family. Why is this significant? Because our toddler sleeps in bed with us and I nurse her throughout the night. Here’s a bedsharing mom’s review of the Sleep Number bed. Continue reading

The Best Toys to Inspire Imagination!

I think almost every parent at some point feels that they have too many toys for their kids. It seems like no matter how much cleaning and reorganizing, selling and donating, threatening and taking-away we do, we end up with multiplying toys.

As our family looks to downsize and simplify, we notice that our kids enjoy their imaginative toys the most. These are the toys which inspire open-ended, creative play. (And as a bonus, they rarely require batteries or make loud noises!) I’ve compiled my kids’ favorites and the smartest buys, so read on for the best toys to inspire imagination – and I hope that they help your family pretend, create, and play together!  Continue reading

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