Throughout your pregnancy journey, you will probably come across at least some of these common abbreviations.  I’ve compiled this list to hopefully save you some confusion!

Common Abbreviations in Parenting - RealSimpleMama
AP – Attachment Parenting

SO – significant other

DH – dear husband

DW – dear wife

DS – dear son

DD – dear daughter

LO – little one

FTM – first time mom

FTP – first time parents

FTD – first time dad

PP – post-partum (can also be “previous poster” in a forum)

OP – original poster (in a forum)

MIL – mother in law

SIL – sister in law

VBAC – vaginal birth after Cesarean

LD (L&D) – Labor and Delivery

GBS – Group B Strep

LLL – La Leche League (breasfteeding assistance)

BF – breastfeeding

EBF – exclusively breastfeeding

BLW – Baby Led Weaning

CIO – cry it out (parenting method for sleep training)

Have any more suggestions to add to the list?  Post in a comment below!  TIA (thanks in advance) 🙂