This week I have something real simple for you and your young child – a free downloadable maze worksheet (and the answer key)! Practice holding a pencil, spend some quality time with your little, and persevere with this adorable bug maze from

Thanks to Greg and for giving me these free downloads for my readers!

Free Maze Worksheet Download for Kids! - Real Simple Mama

Preschoolers need structured time, and sometimes that means seeing a lesson through all the way to the end. Focusing your young learner’s attention can be fun if you keep several preschool games on hand. is a website which has free and subscribed content for parents and teachers! You can download premade worksheets, make your own worksheets, get lesson plans and even receive guided help! The content is geared at children aged 2-11 years, and it’s pretty extensive. I’m proud to bring you this adorable worksheet set and hope that it brings a smile to your face!

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Crawlies Maze Worksheet

Crawlies Maze Worksheet – Answer Key