Mamas (and papas), please trust your instincts. Nature gave them to us for a reason. Multiple times this week I’ve been reminded that I need to do my own research, ask questions, and get second opinions when it comes to the health of my children. And my intuition has always been right. Don’t follow any one person’s advice blindly. If it feels wrong, then it is wrong, damnit. 

If I hadn’t listened to my mom-sense, my daughter would have had an unnecessary round of meds in her system, and I would have taken an UNSAFE med which would have gotten into my breastmilk and potentially had serious effects on my daughter. Seriously people?!?

I’m shaken, furious, and grateful that I checked the drugs out for myself. And I try not to think about what could happen to my daughter if I hadn’t (“skeletal growths”, among others…).

Follow your heart. Especially when it comes to your kids. And if someone is bullying you to do something you don’t feel is right, kick them outta the way.