Your kids have got to brush their teeth. Like, every day. (I know, right?) But if I’m being honest with my readers – and I’m always honest – it’s one of the daily chores that I haaate. So when Brush-Baby UK asked if I’d review a few of their genius products, I practically screamed “Yes please just help me!”

Here’s my review of an assortment of Brush-Baby products. (Spoiler alert: we’re in love, and you will be too.)

Thanks so much to Brush-Baby for allowing me to test these products! I’ll proudly support them in the future, as I hope you will too.

Brush-Baby graciously sent me a box of various items for me to use on my children, and the package came right after my kids’ semi-annual dentist appointment.

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Brush-Baby Teethers and Toothbrushes

Brush-Baby Soft Chewable Toothbrush: Ages 10-36 months

This is a silicone toothbrush which claims to clean teeth, and massage and soothe gums. My two year old is still in the phase of randomly wanting to chew on stuff, and I was intrigued by the unique shape of this piece.

The chewable toothbrush is exactly that: it’s technically a toothbrush because it has bristles all along it, but the whole thing is one piece of silicone. It’s really a brilliant idea!

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I love clipping this toothbrush to a paci clip for Tiny to use with the loop at the end of the design. The shape is a great idea – love that half-circle to fit the natural curve of the jaw – but with my daughter’s tiny mouth, she doesn’t always get in there at the right angle.

This piece can also be chilled in the fridge for teething pain relief, and it’s dishwasher safe. Hallelujah!

As with all teethers, inspect regularly for wear. Replace when damaged or torn.

Brush-Baby Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush: Ages 0-3 years*

Out of all the Brush-Baby products I’ve tried, this one has to be my favorite. My daughter has been using this toothbrush since we got it, and it’s made such a difference – in more ways than one!

This toothbrush comes with multiple brush heads*: we used both but have settled on the larger one. The toothbrush comes with one AAA battery which is required (and thank you so much to any brand that includes batteries!!!); upon turning on the toothbrush, the brush head lights up! Push the button again and the two minute timer and vibration starts. Push again to shut off.

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To be honest, I wasn’t sure if my toddler would like the vibrating but she loves it! We pretend it’s a bumblebee buzzing and she wants to use it all the time. It makes me feel better to use a pulsating toothbrush because she has crooked lower teeth, so I must be extra vigilant. And yet the motor on this thing is not too harsh for my little one’s mouth.

I also like the suggestions on the packaging to divide the child’s mouth into four quadrants: upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left. Spend 30 seconds on each quadrant – when the toothbrush buzzes, move to the next one.

The light has an added bonus which I didn’t anticipate: it really helps me to see what’s going on in the back of my daughter’s mouth. She’s starting to cut her two year molars, and with the light on the brush I can see all the way to the far back of her gums. It can even help you see your child’s throat if you’re checking for something like strep.

Finally, I can honestly say that I haven’t found any other brush that does the light AND the spinning vibration, particularly for a young child. So this product is beyond compare in my book!

*The smaller brush head is for ages 0-18 months; the larger one is for toddlers aged 18-36 months.

Brush-Baby FirstBrush and Teether Set: Ages 0-18 months

The FirstBrush is a toothbrush which is made just for a tiny mouth with its first teeth. The bristles are little and gentle, and the handle is extra long so grownups can help.

The FirstTeether is a bristled teether with a handle for kids to hold while they gum or chew on it. There’s a special “flower guard” which keeps the child from accidentally sticking the teether too far in their mouth. You can see the teether in the image of little Liz in the image below.

My friend Jessie and her daughter Liz tried out the FirstBrush and Teether set for 0-18 month olds. After they’d had it for a month, I sent over my questionnaire for Jessie to answer.

What were you using before you got the sample? Colgate baby toothbrush.

Did you have any issues or concerns? I had no issues. It is a great toothbrush! I really liked how the teether had an attachment for safety so she couldn’t stick it too far in her mouth. However the attachment seems like it could easily come off and could be a choking hazard. I would advise not leaving them alone with it.

How many times a day, for how long, do you brush? I brush her teeth twice a day. In the morning and at night. I would say about a minute and a half.

Does it make your child’s teeth feel squeaky clean? It makes her teeth seem very clean!

teether toddler cry image Review: Brush-Baby - Real Simple Mama

Do you think this product is better than your old one? I do think the toothbrush is better than her old one. Her other toothbrush we only had for about a month and it turned a darker shade of white in that short time. It didn’t seem to be able to stand up to brushing teeth as well as this one. The bristles would turn in different directions and look worn. This toothbrush is higher quality.

Anything else you’d like to tell me? Liz loves the teether. I really like how it came with both the toothbrush and teether. My daughter is one and it’s still just as good for her now as it is for babies who have their first tooth. It lasts and is high quality.

Brush-Baby Toothpastes

Brush-Baby Toddler Toothpaste:

My daughter also got to try Brush-Baby’s toothpaste for kids 0-3 years. She’s not ready for fluoride yet, so this toothpaste is made just for her. It’s edible (no need to spit) but still has xylitol in it, which helps neutralise acid in the mouth and essentially prevent cavities. This formula also contains chamomile which can help reduce teething pain. And we’ll take all the help we can get!

Review: Brush-Baby - Real Simple Mama toothpaste toddler

The flavor, Apple Mint, is really interesting. My daughter had been used to the usual fruit punch, but she really likes the flavor of this one. (Not I just have to keep her mouth open so I can brush, instead of her just wanting to eat the toothpaste off!) My husband says that the flavor reminds him of Manzanita Sol sodas from Mexico!

This toothpaste is also clear, so it makes me feel better that it wouldn’t accidentally stain my white sink nor my little girl’s clothes.

What the heck is xylitol, anyway?

Brush-Baby Children’s Toothpaste with Fluoride: Ages 3-6 years

My son tried out the Brush-Baby kids’ toothpaste. Previously he was using a comparable product by ACT, and he can be trusted to spit out the toothpaste. Remember that fluoride toothpastes, which usually can be given to children 3+, must be spit out and not ingested.

My son definitely likes the taste of the Brush-Baby paste better than the ACT. That’s great motivation to brush twice a day! It is a bright blue color; while we haven’t had an issue yet, I wonder if it could potentially stain your sink or clothes.

Review: Brush-Baby - Real Simple Mama toothpaste big kid child flavor fluoride image

The children’s toothpastes (which come in 3-6 years, and 6+ years) are SLS free, and boast fluoride and xylitol to neutralise sugar acids. Our kids’ dentist actually told us about the benefits of xylitol last year: xylitol can actually help prevent cavities from starting! This is the only toothpaste I’ve found to contain it.

We also exclusively chew Ice Breakers gum, which is the only gum that has xylitol in it. And you can get Dr. John’s lollipops off of Amazon which contain it, too.

General Suggestions and Reminders

  • Children can experience good oral hygiene before they even have teeth; a baby’s gums should be wiped down once a day if possible (usually before going to sleep for the night). Brush-Baby actually has Dental Wipes which you put on your finger to wipe down Baby’s gums!
  • Once children have teeth, they should brush twice a day for at least a minute (two minutes each session is ideal).
  • Children under 3 only need a small dab of toothpaste, while kids 3+ can have a pea-sized amount.
  • Replace all brushes after signs of wear and tear, and sterilize or replace brushes after your child is ill.
  • Always supervise your young children with any kind of teether or brush.
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Special thanks to Kiddo, Tiny, Elsa, and H2O for all of their help in testing!

Overall I am so proud to be associated with a company that just “gets it” like Brush-Baby obviously does. Their products are considerate and well-thought out, both for parents and kids! My children and our friends really enjoy the Brush-Baby products we have, and I’ll be a customer for years.

Please visit Brush-Baby’s website for more helpful information, including videos!

Review: Brush-Baby - Real Simple Mama