When we found out we were expecting a second child, I was ecstatic! But I also wanted a way to bond with my son, my one and only, before his little sister arrived. I’d read that it would help the oldest child adapt to the idea of having a sibling if they “gifted” something to the baby, and it sounded like a beautiful thing to do.

We found the perfect thing: the sweetest sibling gift, made with love.

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The Sweetest Sibling Gift - Real Simple Mama

I wanted to hone in on something my son would actually want to do, and make a unique keepsake which we could always cherish.

I found an idea and immediately knew that it would be perfect for our little Sweet Pea!

We would write and illustrate a book!

Now let me back up a bit. I’m not one of those Pinterest-come-to-life moms who has oodles of time to make detailed crafts. But I found bound books ready to decorate on Amazon (we chose this one, at 6×8 inches, and it ran me about $6!) so all you have to do is design it!

The Sweetest Sibling Gift - Real Simple Mama

Over a week or so, I mapped out what I wanted to write in pencil and then made it official with a permanent marker. Then we did a little coloring every day before lunch. My son loved it! He chose the colors and I let him take the lead. His favorite part was painting the covers though.

We used markers and paint on the covers; Sharpie to write on the pages; and crayon to decorate the pages on the inside. We kept the original packaging for safe keeping, and the book is now kept in a fireproof safe until Little Sister is ready to appreciate and enjoy it.some of our inside pagesReal Simple Mama

Be sure that you involve the older sibling in making the gift: even if they’re not actively mapping out the pages or using the permanent marker, you can ask them questions like what they like to do and what their favorite food is. We often talk to our son about being a “role model” for his little sister, and what that entails.

This present ended up being the perfect win-win-win for us: it was easy (and super cheap to do); it allowed me to bond with my firstborn when we needed it most; and it’s a priceless gift for a new baby!

Whether you have a new baby on the way or want to celebrate a holiday like Baby’s First Christmas, I hope I’ve helped you find the perfect handmade gift!

The Sweetest Sibling Gift - Real Simple Mama