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Review: Piperoos Basic Changing Pad

In the real world, us parents are not always in the comfort of our own home. When we take our baby out of our house, it seems like everything becomes ten times more difficult – from diaper changes to feeding to tummy time. If only there was a comfy, portable, easy-to-use product which would make life easier to take Baby on the go.

Oh wait. There is. And it’s called the Piperoo. Continue reading

Review: Baby Delight’s Snuggle Nest

When we were expecting our first kid in 2013, we had put the Snuggle Nest on our registry, thinking “this will be perfect when we go spend the day with friends or relatives!” We had no idea how essential it would be to our daily lives; when we unexpectedly decided to cosleep, we were in the dark (no pun intended). The Snuggle Nest was our peace of mind.

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Our Stroller and Why We Chose It

Originally posted 2013

Sarah and I recently got a brand new stroller from my best friend as an early baby shower gift. Of course we haven’t been able to actually use it much since our son is yet to be born, but I thought I’d give my initial impressions.

The stroller I’m referring to is the Graco FastAction Fold Classic Connect Travel System. Whew! That’s a mouthful! This is the stroller that Sarah and I decided on after doing lots of research online. We’ve never owned a stroller so it was interesting imagining how we may use it when our son arrives.

There were a few things we were considering when making our decision. Continue reading

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