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Review: Brush-Baby

Your kids have got to brush their teeth. Like, every day. (I know, right?) But if I’m being honest with my readers – and I’m always honest – it’s one of the daily chores that I haaate. So when Brush-Baby UK asked if I’d review a few of their genius products, I practically screamed “Yes please just help me!”

Here’s my review of an assortment of Brush-Baby products. (Spoiler alert: we’re in love, and you will be too.) Continue reading

What I Hate Most About Children’s Media

I have hated this since before I was even a parent. It was incredulous to me how this could be so accepted and so widespread. Doesn’t anyone get it?! Wake up, people!

Warning: this is a rant post. But I hope you’ll read with an open mind, because I have a good point damnit. Continue reading

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