As you get closer to your due date, your mind is probably going 100mph with the list of things to take to the hospital.  Ideally, you want this bag ready to go in your car or by the door in case you have an “omg my water broke!” moment, and find yourself and your significant other rushing to Labor and Delivery.

Compiled from friends, websites, apps and hospital lists, here’s what I plan to take with me.  And now I’ll share my ultimate hospital packing list with you! Scroll to the end of the article for the free downloadable PDF!

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List - with free PDF download! - Real Simple Mama

For Mama


  • Comfy, loose clothes to sleep/rest in
  • Outfit for post-delivery pictures, optional
  • Nursing bras and nursing pads
  • Robe/front-close dress or gown
  • Thick, non-skid socks
  • Shower shoes and flip flops
  • Slippers or house shoes

Note: You will not be back to your pre-pregnancy size for weeks after birth, so don’t take those skinny jeans with you. Comfy and easy access to boobs is the priority. If you think you might end up with a c-section, that’s something to consider too – maybe stick to dresses, and nothing with a waistband.


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Glasses/case, contacts/case, saline
  • Facewash and body wash
  • Makeup (if you dare) and makeup remover
  • Hairbrush, hairspray, hairbands, headbands
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Body lotion, hand lotion, nipple cream


  • My pills/prescriptions/supplements
  • Stool softeners!
  • Maxi pads (hopefully hospital has more)
  • Spray bottle for post-delivery restroom usage
  • Chapstick
  • Mints/mouthwash/gum

For Daddy/Significant Other

Use the “Clothing” and “Toiletries” list from above, and add to it:

  • Electronics – phone, tablet, camera, etc.
  • Chargers for electronics – phone, tablet, camera, etc. (and extra batteries!)
  • Magazines/books
  • Snacks and drinks for you and SO
  • Change for vending machines (start saving those quarters!)
  • Blanket or pillow for your room, as Mom gets a bed but they probably won’t
  • Hospital forms and paperwork
  • Extra copies of your medical insurance and ID cards
  • Baby book – for baby’s footprint, name ideas, etc.

For Baby


  • 3+ onesies and/or sleeping gowns, various sizes, washed
  • 2+ outfits for pictures (one might get soiled before the pic is taken, so be prepared!)
  • “Going home” outfit – can be one of the onesies/sleeping gowns, various sizes, washed
  • Gloves/mittens/socks, washed
  • Hats, washed


  • Hand/manual pump
  • Nipple shields
  • Nursing pads
  • Nursing pillow/blanket
  • Make sure you get to visit with a lactation consultant before you leave to go home!


  • Blankets
  • Car seat, already installed in car
  • Baby nail clippers/grooming kit

*I also recommend checking with your hospital/birthing center to see what they provide, for items like diapers and wipes which I’ve left off of this list – and plan to take all those samples home with you too!

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List - with free PDF download! - Real Simple Mama

Here’s the free downloadable PDF Ultimate Hospital Packing List for you to check off as you prepare to give birth!

What would you add/remove on this list? Lemme know!