Congratulations! You’re having a baby. How exciting!!!! I’m sure that everyone is flooding your mind’s inbox with tons of ideas and suggestions of stuff you just GOTTA have for you and the baby.

While I have my own opinions of those things and what you really do (and don’t) need, this is not that post. I am teaching you what underrated – sometimes random – items you should add to your registry, or get for yourself before your baby arrives. These things are meant to make your life easier so that you can rest and admire that gorgeous little squish you grew! Read on for my list of the most underrated items for new moms!

I do have affiliate links in this article. I’ve bought these as I raised my two children and they stand out as the most useful things I got! The links will take you to the item on Amazon where I get a small commission if you buy the item, at no cost to you.

The Most Underrated Items for New Moms - RealSimpleMama


I know I know, I said that these things were to make your life easier. But these baby items are really helpful… plus, if it’s helping the baby, it’s helping Mama. Trust me. Check out these items for new moms and babies.

First of all, the Nose Frida. Good Lord I love this disgusting little thing. It’s a cheap, simple device which suctions out your baby’s nose when they’re congested. It’s easy to use and much more sanitary than a bulb syringe, which is basically uncleanable. Ew. I did a whole article just on my Nose Frida here if you care. But seriously. Get one… or five.

A baby carrier is the sweetest, most wonderful thing for you and Baby. While I won’t bore you now with all the benefits of babywearing (you can find it here though), I’ll say that this is a convenience for you and a comfort to your child. I personally have the Baby K’tan (here’s my full review), and my husband prefers the Infantino Mei Tai (here’s his full review). You keep your baby close to you and you’re hands free. There are tons of options though, from ring slings to wraps! Get you one.

If you plan to breastfeed (or hell, even for giving a bottle), a breastfeeding pillow is fantastic. It’ll save your neck and shoulders, allowing you to position your baby at an angle which just works for you both. I did a full review of the two most popular pillows here: the My Brest Friend and the Boppy. (The Boppy can also be used to lay down your baby or teach them to sit up when they’re a bit older).

I also have a whole article about things for your car when you have a baby, but I’ll specifically mention the Bambringo. This is literally a life-saving device with an ingeniously simple design. It’s a physical reminder to get your baby out of the car. I’m not judging anyone, really – this is a new habit you’ve gotta get into when you first have a child. (And a reminder is never a bad idea, even for veteran parents.) If you don’t get one, promise me that you have a GPS app reminder or something to help you remember to never leave your baby in the car.


I could write an entire ode to my Roomba, but I’ll say this. Push a button and the little guy vacuums (or washes floors) for you. Programmable, great battery life, easy to keep out of specific areas with a “tower” that sends a barrier signal. It even takes itself back to its “home” to charge when it’s done! We have a model which is literally at least 6 years old and he’s still kickin’! This is a must for regular upkeep especially if you have pets. Get in the habit of running it once every day or two, and you’ll notice a significant difference. Now if they’d only make one which brings me a glass of wine and rubs my feet.

steamed zucchini!

steamed zucchini!

A veggie steamer is fantastic for quickly making healthy vegetables. I eat a ton of various veggies (I love sweet potatoes, squash, you name it) and this microwaveable basket cooks them perfectly in minutes. Trust me girl, you’re gonna be starving all the time. Eating healthy meals and snacks will keep you satiated and guilt-free. Toss in some olive oil and seasoned salt, and you’re good to go! (This is also super helpful when your baby starts solids, since they can try veggies too! We do baby led weaning, which you can read about here).

And who really can live without a slow cooker? This will be your best friend – you can cook everything from apple cider to whole chickens to lasagna and blackberry dump cake in this thing. You can make freezer meals which you just toss into your slow cooker in the morning – dinner will be ready without any more work from you! Or, you can have people bring over the freezer meals so that you have literally no prep work either, hint hint… But you’re going to need to eat. And the more work you can hand off to other people (or gadgets), the better off you’ll be. My crock pot even got its own article on my website here.

Because you're gonna be hungry 24/7...

Because you’re gonna be hungry 24/7…

Finally, I thought to add a diffuser for your home. You can add oils of your choice to help with everything from immunity, to rest, to boosting your mood. I originally had a Young Living diffuser but it broke (and they’re expensive as hell, let’s be honest), so I got this little one for cheap on Amazon. So far it’s working well! And it has color-changing LED lights (I’m easily amused). My kids and I love having it running during the day.


And of course I saved the best for last! This stuff is just for you. You didn’t think I’d forget about you, didja?

A nice big water thermos is a must. You need to drink tons of water especially if you’re breastfeeding; if you are like me, a cute water bottle in your line of sight is the best reminder to stay hydrated. And for some reason, a straw really helps me to drink more! Try to find one which is at least 40 ounces so you’re not rushing to fill it up all day long. I think that this is one of the most underrated items for new moms, particularly if Mom is planning to breastfeed or pump. Gotta keep up that water intake!

Infused water bottles are super cool for staying hydrated, especially if you hate just drinking plain water. These water bottles are usually a bit smaller and not insulated, but come with a central compartment that can hold anything from fresh or frozen fruit, to herbs. Fun, flavored water which is healthy and beautiful to look at! There are tons of recipes that you can look for online also – I love cucumber mint!

take time for you too, mama

take time for you too, mama

A neck massager is a great item just for you. I’ve had mine for years and it’s incredible – the added heat is a nice touch. All that tension from holding and feeding a baby will melt away. Doing this for 5–10 minutes right before bed can also really help you relax.

And I need to add an iPad, or some type of tablet or eReader. I know they’re expensive, but hear me out. Everything from Pinterest and Netflix binges, uploading pics to Facebook, to one-handed games, sleep (and baby) tracking and especially reading! Those midnight feedings will seem endless, and if your experience is like mine then you will spend a lot of sleepless nights in your rocking chair. But I guess I should thank my firstborn: his nursing marathons helped me to read the entire Song of Ice and Fire series!

I hope that this random collection of items helps you to finish your preparations for that new bundle of joy! There are so many items for new moms out there… What items would you add to the list?