My baby boy turns three tomorrow. THREE. Unbelievable. I wrote a special letter to him which is going in his journal, and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Dear Kiddo,

My sweet beautiful boy. My firstborn. My oldest child. The soul who made me Mama.

I am so damn proud of you.

I am proud that you are my first child: my heart grew for you more than I thought possible, I got out of my comfort zone and learned so much about how to best serve you. Sometimes it feels like I have always been your mother.

In the beginning, it felt like both you and I were newborns. Neither one of us had a clue what the hell we were doing, and together we found our way in this world. I grew as a mother while you grew into your own personality.

And I am proud of your growth. You are so strong and determined, relentless in wanting to learn everything and do everything. You love trying new things!

I am proud that you are not afraid to be different. I feel enraged just thinking about the world trying to take that from you as you get older, as society frantically tries to cram you into their box of expectations. Wear your crazy clothes, dance in the library, laugh out loud wherever you are. I hope that you always let your spirit shine, and you surround yourself with others who reflect your light.

I'm So Proud of You! A Letter to My Son On His Third Birthday - RealSimpleMama

I am proud of your hunger to learn. It is obvious that you come from a family of teachers! How incredible that you are starting to read sight words at three years old, and you know your ABCs in English and Spanish, AND your letter sounds. More incredibly, we never have pressured you to learn. You are intrinsically driven by a desire to understand and discover. Follow that desire, and never let anyone or anything hold you back.

I am most proud of the boy you have become, and the man I know you will be one day. You are the most kindhearted and compassionate person I have ever met. I am inspired on a regular basis by how you think of others so effortlessly. You are gentle and considerate to everyone – you willingly share toys and food without being asked, you care about how others are feeling, and you make everyone smile. Being a sweetheart just comes naturally to you.

I know that I am a better human being because of your example of selflessness.

Your baby sister is always watching your example, too; she learns straightforward things like how to chew food and how to share, but she’s also learning how to be compassionate and selfless. You’re leading by example even at three, and she adores you. The way you’re gentle with her and you bend over backwards (almost literally) just to make her laugh, makes me smile. I love how you bring her endless toys and books, and you run to her when she cries. I hope that you always run to her when she needs you – because, from one oldest sibling to another, you will always try to be the protector.

You’ve changed your father, too. He’s the same person he was before he was a father, but it’s like you’ve enhanced everything wonderful about him while softening his flaws. He’s a more patient, gentler version of himself. And I know you bring him more joy and pride than he’s ever known. He truly lives for you and your sister. If you choose to be a father one day, I know you will be the best. Just like your old man.

So as I celebrate your third birthday, and think back to 4:36am on the day you were born, I don’t let myself be sorrowful for too long. Part of me wants to dwell on how big you’re getting, and how you’ll need me less every day. And I’ll hold those thoughts in my heart as I lay in bed awake in the early morning on your birthday. I do every year.

But this year, I promise to also be excited for the future. I look forward to everything you’ll learn and experience this next year, and what God has planned for our beautiful family. I don’t know what I did to deserve to be your mother, but I will thank Him for the rest of my life.

I’m so proud of you my Lovebug. My Monster Man. And I always will be!

I love you more than the sun and the moon,

More than the sea and the sky,

More than all the plants,

All the animals,

All the people,

And all the things on this earth.

Your #1 fan,


I'm So Proud of You! A Letter to My Son On His Third Birthday - Real Simple Mama

In summer 2017, I wrote my son a letter for his fourth birthday. You can enjoy it here.