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Teaching My Kids To Have A Positive Body Image

Having a baby is a glorious, life-changing event which leaves you breathless and teary-eyed. Your body has done something miraculous! You’ve housed another human being, growing them from a cluster of a few cells to a living breathing person. That’s pretty damn cool, Mama.

But then you look in the mirror, try to wear your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans or think about swim season. Your hair starts falling out and – what the hell? – you have acne all over again. The cost of making this beautiful little life just took an insane toll on your body, and potentially, on your self esteem.

It’s totally normal to have a woe-is-me phase, but here are some things to keep in mind as your children grow and look to your example. Continue reading

Review: The ULTIMATE Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison!

Ahh, cloth diapering. I love it so. It seems crazy, but I really do enjoy using fluff to diaper my daughter. It’s fun, simple, and is saving us boatloads.

Out of the various types of cloth, our favorite combo is the prefold and cover. (If you’d like a rundown of various options, I did an intro to CD you can read here). But just like everything else, different brands have given us varying experiences! Here’s a sampling of the diaper covers out there, with my honest unbiased opinion of each (and of course, photos!). Continue reading

Hi everyone!

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Real Simple Motherhood: My Debut eBook Experience!

It’s. Finally. Here. I can’t believe it! I can say I’m a published author. Holy crap.

I’m so excited to tell you a bit about my first two eBooks which are available NOW! Continue reading

Pumping Gear for Nursing Moms – A Real Simple Guide

This article supplements my eBook,

Breastfeeding or Formula? A Real Simple Guide to Feeding Your Newborn Baby.

You can find it on Amazon here!

Let’s talk about the stuff I recommend for pumping… ‘cuz there’s a lot. Continue reading

Breastfeeding Positions – A Real Simple Guide

This post supplements my eBook

Breastfeeding or Formula? A Real Simple Guide to Feeding Your Newborn Baby.

You can find it on Amazon here!

There is a set of common breastfeeding positions which you can use to comfortably and confidently hold your baby while nursing. You can test these out with a teddy bear before Baby is even born!

Breastfeeding Positions: A Real Simple Guide w Photos - Real Simple Mama

A fascinating development in newborn breastfeeding is natural breastfeeding. I realize that this sounds a bit redundant, so let me explain. Continue reading

Different Kinds of Cloth Diapers – A Real Simple Guide

This article is a supplement for my eBook,

Cloth or Disposables? A Real Simple Guide to Diapering Your Newborn Baby

You can find it on Amazon here!

Different Types of Cloth Diapers: A Real Simple Guide - Real Simple Mama

There are essentially three types of cloth: all-in-ones (AIOs), pocket diapers with inserts, and prefolds with covers. I’ll explain each of them, but essentially we are looking at the convenience. Continue reading

Guys it’s official! I am so proud, humbled, and… tired.

I’m officially published on Amazon!

Check out my author page!

Both of my books – Breastfeeding or Formula? and Cloth or Disposables? will be


Monday September 19-Friday September 23


Keep Your Kids From Getting Sick – And Help Them Feel Better Faster!

Kids are back to school, the weather is changing… That means that it’s the season to get sick! Everyone is going to start exchanging germs, from teachers to toddlers. Here are my best tips to keep your whole house well by eliminating or minimizing illness. Continue reading

Review: Ergobaby Classic Carrier

Baby wearing can really be a lifesaver: your child is content, you can get work done with your hands free, they can nap, you can even breastfeed discreetly. It is a win-win-win!

But what happens when your baby grows? Sometimes wraps and slings are not as comfortable as your child gets bigger. Or if you do something more active like a hike, a soft carrier is not always as practical.

Cue the Ergo. Continue reading

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