You’ve probably seen some verbage about affiliate links and disclaimers on various websites. But what is an affiliate link? What’s a disclaimer? Briefly, I’ll tell you what each of those terms means.

An affiliate link is a link to a specific item on an online store – in my case, it’s Amazon. The link has the blogger’s specific ID in the URL, and contains a tracking cookie (don’t worry, it’s safe and doesn’t cost you anything).

The distinction between an affiliate link and just a normal link is that the author (the person who put the link there in the first place) has an affiliate account with Amazon or another program; if you buy that item from that affiliate link, your cost is the same, but the author gets a small percentage.

For example, if I link to an item on Amazon that’s $20, you’re going to pay $20 whether it’s from my link or just off of Amazon itself. The distinction is that I get a cut of that $20 if you buy it from my link.

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Additionally, if you follow an affiliate link and browse around, and buy something else in that same browser window, the author still gets a cut. So maybe you didn’t end up buying my $20 item but you clicked around (without closing the window) and got something completely different, I still get a cut.

Affiliate links are no additional cost or fee to the reader; you probably wouldn’t even have any idea that a percentage is going elsewhere, but us bloggers are required by law to let you know if we use those links.

Disclaimers can tell you other info too, like if I got a product that I’m reviewing for free. It’s fair for you to know that this may influence someone’s review – though in my case, it doesn’t. I reject product offers which don’t fit the niche of my website, or that I don’t think I would like. (Yes, people contact me and ask me to review their stuff if they send it to me for free; most of the time, I politely decline. Don’t want to be a sellout and annoy my readers). And I always make a point to list pros and cons of everything I can if I do choose to review, to be fair to my readers. Basically, if I agree at all, then I only agree to write my honest opinion. Nothing more.

All of the disclaimers and disclosures must be in accordance with Federal Trade Commission law.

Whether you’re wanting to start a blog of your own, or you’re just interested in the process, I hope that this article has helped clarify the purpose of affiliate links and disclaimers!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I’m always here to help!

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