My daughter, my second and last precious child, is turning two this month. As is tradition, I write my children a letter on their birthday every year. It’s part of their journal which I’ve kept for them since before they were born. Thank you for reading this letter to my daughter on her second birthday.

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Second Birthday - Real Simple Mama

My sweet, brilliant, beautiful Lilyberry,

What did I ever do in this life to deserve such a special daughter? I am in awe of you, and in awe of the fact that God entrusted this precious little soul to my care. You are a bright light in a world of “good enough”, and you amaze me every day.

Everything about you says “Wild child”, but not necessarily in the stereotypical sense. Your hair is long and free, and you of course hate to wear bows or ponytails. (Heaven forbid your daddy tried pigtails once, and it didn’t end well for either of you.) You’re quick and sneaky, curious and brave, and you’re the type of witty mind who is always working things out, always challenging the norm … Always seeing if Mama really means “No” or if she’s bluffing.

I think you will be dubbed “Tiny” for the rest of your life; you’re two years old and still not even twenty pounds! But God help the person who underestimates you, tries to bully you or take advantage of you. Daddy and I (and big brother) will always defend you, of course; but I have a feeling you won’t rely on us. You seem like the kind of girl who will handle herself bravely and righteously no matter what. Don’t ever let your size determine who you are or what you can do.

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Second Birthday - Real Simple Mama

This is a beautiful, fleeting time for us. It’s your brother’s last year at home before he starts public kindergarten in the fall, and we all enjoy each other so much. You fit in perfectly with his playgroup – I know you think you’re just a short four year old – and you two get along so well together. You adore and copy your “Bagel” all day, and he teaches you and plays with you in a way that only a big brother could. Your bond is so special, and I know it will change (at least a little bit) when he’s at school all day. So for now we are making memories, recording what we can, and not taking anything for granted.

This time is strange for me, too – I’m watching my last child really start to grow up. No more babies in this house, no more new beginnings as far as that’s concerned. But I have no time to mourn the siblings you’ll never have; you keep me on my toes and you surprise me every day with how resilient and creative you are. I’m grateful to you for that, as I could easily drown in my own self-pity. So thank you.

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Second Birthday - Real Simple Mama

You challenge me every day, and often bring me to the point of insanity before giving me that sweet smile, and I melt again. You make me a better mom because I love you fiercely even when you drive me crazy, and I know that I need you just as much as you need me. We’re good for each other, you and I.

My goal, of course, is to get you to the point that you don’t need me anymore. Little by little I’ll teach you to think for yourself, to love and question your world, and to remember above all that there is no love without respect. I hope to lead you to God if that is what completes you and makes you truly happy. I want you to love and honor yourself, and surround yourself with people who adore you for who you really are. Because you are worth every damn bit.

You are loved so incredibly much, my sweet pea, my precious daughter, my one and only sunshine.

Your #1 fan,


I hope that you enjoyed reading this sentimental letter to my daughter. I write letters to each of my kids every year on their birthday, and have also written to my own mother. And if you want to see why I think it’s so important to write to our kids in the first place, check out my post here.

Feel free to use my letters as a template for your loved ones. And thanks for stopping by.

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Second Birthday - Real Simple Mama