Baby wearing can really be a lifesaver: your child is content, you can get work done with your hands free, they can nap, you can even breastfeed discreetly. It is a win-win-win!

But what happens when your baby grows? Sometimes wraps and slings are not as comfortable as your child gets bigger. Or if you do something more active like a hike, a soft carrier is not always as practical.

Cue the Ergo.

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Review: ErgoBaby Classic Carrier - RealSimpleMama

I received my Ergo as a gift when my first child was about six months old. I had read tons of reviews on it, and was not a fan of my Moby nor my ring sling. I wanted something that was quick and simple to put on, and idiot proof. Thankfully, my mom felt sorry for me and bought me one!


After adjusting the straps to your size, the Ergo is super easy to put on. There’s a thick padded waistband which you clip at your right side, and two shoulder straps. The shoulder straps clip together behind your neck to keep them from slipping. They’re easily adjusted with one hand. Otherwise, everything is already at the right size for you and your babe.

Tiny's less than amused by the hood in summer

Tiny’s less than amused by the hood in summer

The Ergo has a fabric hood which you can easily snap onto the shoulder straps, which will cover Baby’s head (think of a convertible car’s hood coming up and over). It’s great when your kid is distracted, needs to sleep, it’s raining, or if you’re nursing while Baby is in the Ergo.

This thing is really foolproof – it is sturdy and straight-to-the-point. If you know how to put on a backpack, you can do this. It’s quick and you don’t need a mirror (unless you’re doing the back carry).

The Ergo is also versatile – it may not look like it, but it allows you to carry your child different ways once they’re able to hold up their own head. Newborns can be in kangaroo carry on your chest (you can do skin-to-skin in this carry, too!); you can also do hip and back carry. Check out videos on YouTube for tips and instructions.

Snap up all the buckles and throw it in the washer, and it cleans easily. You can also spot clean with a washcloth if you prefer.



And did I mention it has a nice big zipper pocket?! Easily big enough for a large smartphone, keys, etc.


I don’t think that this carrier is really necessary for a newborn. It might be overkill. If your baby is below a certain weight, you also need to use an insert with it; Ergo makes their own, but I’ve also read that you can use a folded-up baby blanket. When my daughter was a newborn, I preferred her to wear her in a soft carrier like my K’tan.

If you’re wearing a bigger child (we’re talking over 25 pounds), the Ergo will work well but you might notice a bit of soreness in your shoulders after a while. It’s important that you have it properly adjusted, too, so that you don’t kill your posture.

This is not important, but I’m always honest with you so I gotta say… most of their patterns are ugly. There is a lot of gray and khaki, and they seem pretty drab. My pattern (black with gray swirls and white stars) is one of the only styles I liked, and it’s called Night Sky.

And unfortunately, the price is a bit high. It would be a great thing to put on a registry, or request for your kid’s birthday. I would be addicted to collecting baby carriers if they weren’t expensive! I’ve used mine enough to make it worth the cost (plus, honestly, it was a gift), but it might be a bit much for you to buy outright. You can look for local babywearing groups (most have their own Facebook page) and using their lending library for free, until you’re sure you want to purchase a carrier!

This is really a great carrier for an older baby, or for a toddler. It easily bears the weight of the child and keeps both wearer and wearee comfortable. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still holding up great! I love using it when I need something reliable and sturdy to hold my baby in. Find all of the styles and colors at Ergo’s website.

What’s your favorite way to baby wear?