So there’s this thing, called the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad, and I read online that it can help parents stay cool when babywearing. I live in Texas (and it’s H-O-T here, y’all) so I thought I’d try it out! But did it rise to the hype I’d found online? Read on for my honest review, plus a demo video!

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Review: Frogg Togg Chilly Pad - keep cool while babywearing! - RealSimpleMama

So. The Frogg Togg Chilly Pad. What a weird little invention. I bought mine online, and when it came in the mail I was a bit surprised.

The product arrives in a tennis ball-like clear plastic canister, and is wrapped up within. Mine also had mildew on it (which I later found is normal). The container can be used for storage later, but I honestly tossed mine. I leave mine out to air-dry; they can also be stored in a ziploc, in the fridge or in your car.

You can read about the science on the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad FAQ, but essentially the Frogg Togg is made of a material called polyvinyl alcohol which stays cool for about 4 hours, and can simply be rewet to start the cooling process over again. It can also be cut to any size, washed in the washer or in the sink, and be wrapped or folded. It’s basically like a “man made sponge.”

dry Frogg Togg

dry Frogg Togg

It’s truly a strange feeling to have one of these things, but they really do work! They stay quite cool to the touch even in the infamous South Texas summers. We cut ours into three equal sections so I can have one for babywearing, hubby can use one to mow, and Kiddo can have one to amuse himself with.

I will say that I have a few minor complaints (are you guys really surprised?). Firstly, a dry Frogg Togg does take a little while to soften and get thoroughly wet. Even with applying warm water all over it and kneading it as it relaxes, I was surprised that my small piece took as long as it did! I guess I was expecting it to be an instant effect.

Frogg Togg wet, cool, and ready to go!

Frogg Togg wet, cool, and ready to go!

Secondly, the Frogg Togg claims to keep you dry while it’s against your skin, but I disagree. I do feel a damp residue when it’s on my clothes, particularly when it’s between Baby and I while I’m wearing her.

In the end, I still love this strange little thing, and I’m really glad that I happened to find it in the abyss of Pinterest one summer day! Check out their full line up and all the bright colors on the Frogg Togg homepage.