There are hundreds of opinions on what you should put on your registry. But WHERE should you register? Do you try and find a one-stop-shop that has everything you want? Do you register at multiple places, and hope that no one gets confused?

How about you do it all – from your phone?

Review: BabyList Registry

With my first kiddo, we registered at Target and just made do with their selection (which is quite good, actually; they’re my second choice now for baby registries). Some other stuff we just got on our own, or made special requests if someone asked.

The second time around, I’d heard about BabyList while on my beloved Pinterest, and decided to check it out. Brilliant! How had no one else thought of this?!

BabyList is basically a hub where you select whatever you want, from whatever store you want, and it’s all in one place. You can add stuff from Target, WalMart, Babies R Us, even straight from  There’s a great app for your iPhone/iPad and your Android device too.

You can also make up things, like “home-cooked dinner” or “babysit kids for one hour”, like custom little coupons people can select. So it doesn’t have to be stuff that you buy.

Oh, and BabyList is free.

So why aren’t more people doing this?! My guess is either they haven’t heard of it, or they just want to go to each store and do the registry process. I sat on my phone and built the whole thing, even adding custom notes like “this is my favorite Etsy shop!” or “choose whatever color you’d like to give us.” People can order straight from the app or the website if they know how to find you (you’ll get your own URL to give out, or you can print it on a little card with your shower invites).

If you’re just getting started, check out their sample registries and “Best of” guides too.

As the creator, you get to see what’s been reserved/purchased and what’s still out there for someone to claim. All your items are organized by category. BabyList themselves also carry some items that you’ll get straight from them – and I can say from experience, their customer service is great. I had to exchange an item two separate times (long story) and they were helpful, prompt, and professional. And didn’t make fun of me once.

I’m so glad that this website was thought up so that you don’t have to sacrifice where to register, or what you need for your family. Hopefully more and more people will be using it!